• Witness one of the most exciting packaging we have done so far!Thirumoolar health mix package.

  • Unboxing the box design! Box packaging process for pragathi millet health mix

  • Unwinding the design story of eco-friendly pouches for Nansei!

  • Small things are always the reason for big happenings! The sachet packaging process for the surukkupai pouch!

  • It’s always the labels that bring out the magic! The design process for Nectarz

  • Here is a cute glance at our pillow pouch design processwe created for pragathi!

  • watch the interesting glimpse of an interesting box! Case study of vegasi snack boxes!

  • shapers always love challenges! presenting the exciting box packaging process we made for rural baskets

  • Package design: Tea Coaster Set

    This ready to print paper board coaster set is suitable for brand promotion and personalized invitation design. It is also comes with a recycled paper board package. Call +91 9150639712 for customization

  • Package Design: Naati Grains Seed Balls

    Client: Naati Grains Nature of business: Organic and Natural products Target audience: someone interested in spreading native tree verities and preserve indigenous trees A Seedball is simply a seed inside a ball of clay, Charcoal dust, Neem Manure and Cowdung mixed with some nutritious binders. Naati Grains aims to spread indigenous trees in India. The seedballs protect the seeds inside…