Well, there isn't much to put here.. We are expanding. We are hiring. That's it..

People who get doodle the designs:
We have a team, may be the best team ever.. We make innovative, creative designs.. Sometimes they are complex multiple gradient designs, sometimes they are elegant minimalistic designs. You would get to explore and work both. So if you are free and lookin for work. Come join us.. Let's have some fun.

People who act as the bridge:
We are branching out and you see, though our designers come up with the best designs, we think we might need someone to sort of engage with the outer world, maintain relationships with clients and convey our minds right.. If you are in the field already, you'd know the necessity for it.. So, that's your job description and if you think you are good at it, feel free to call us up.. Who knows, you might even become a prominent part of Shapers...

Person who gets to manage the minds:
Now for the final part.. Shapers has experts in all aspects. But we need someone to handle all those minds put together right. We are basically lookin for a person with more than two hands, with more than just one mind and one heart. Coz trust us, you are gonna need those if you are willing to handle this job. Come manage us. Let's see if you are up for it..

People who get to count the dollar bills:
So.. You are the people who get to live the luxury. You get to sit down, freshen yourself up and count the money... Hmmmm!! Sounds great right? C'mon, you know life isn't that good willing..Haha.. You'll have to manage and handle the accounts as well.. Make sure no penny goes in or out without your knowledge.. Yh, we all hate numbers sometimes.. But you get to do it for Shapers, so there is a plus side..