Package Design: JivaVrksa

Client: JivaVrksa
Nature of business: All natural Personal care products
Target audience: Audience with awareness of natural and chemical free personal care

JivaVrksa personal care products are hand-made with utmost care to ensure with all-natural ingredients. These ingredients were carefully crafted to ensure that no chemical preservatives, artificial dyes or colors even came close to the products they are offering. They use a combination of traditional recipes handed down through many generations to handpick the right ingredients mix to ensure they retain the freshness & originality.

Design Need:
Package demands eco friendly materials and graphics has to depict variations in product line.

Design Process:
Product package in a butter sheet cover and a recycled cover for branding and labeling

Front side depicting the product and brand name. Back space dedicated to ingredients, benefits and standard labeling elements. Minimalist and symbolic design to depict age old recipes and production process.

Body wash – Package front & back


Face wash – Package front & back


Face Pack – Package front & back


Hair wash – Package front & back



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