Package Design: MoterWay

Client : MotherWay.
Nature of business : Traditional Sweets & Snacks
Target audience  : General customers buy sweets and snacks in a physical or a online store

With much joy, MotherWay is now making what they wanted to make. Palm Jaggery, Peanut, Sesame, Cardamon, Dry ginger are their main ingredients. Storing each of these is a traditional practice on its own. None of these are processed in big machines. Process them in clay ovens custom designed by fine masters in the field. There is a touch of native soil in each of the processes. Taste cannot be separated to one ingredient or one process; It is the water supplied to the peanut plant to the soil used in roasting the nut; everything contributes to the magical taste of pure palm jaggery sweets they make.

Design Need:
Customers pick MotherWay sweets from a store shelf or from online stores. It should stand out from the products in the same category.

Design Process:
Not only the product but Ingredients, process and methods are close to nature and eco-friendly. So the package should be earthy, eco friendly and also attractive.

Package box with eco friendly kraft board and a window cut in peanut shape to see through the product.

125 Gms package with brand elements in English language


250 Gms package with brand elements in Tamil language

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